Kabam! Moe’s BBQ is Awesome!

Moe's BBQ Providence Village Huntsville, AL

Moe's BBQ Providence Village Huntsville, ALMoe’s BBQ is located in the constantly growing area of Providence Village in North East Huntsville, AL. Providence Village is offering more to do and getting more exciting with a wider variety of restaurants, some offering more live entertainment events. I have to say, this is with the caveat that I smoke meat quite often, that this is the best BBQ I have had. The Turkey had better that an inch of smoke ring, and was tender and juicy. The ribs have at least a quarter inch ring and are the best I can say I have ever had, and I have had a lot of BBQ. Seeing is believing and here is a small sample of the meats they offer. Moe's food sample from menu While seeing it won’t be the same as trying it, I can assure you their pulled pork is unrivaled in this town. Can’t wait to try their brisket and see how it compares to what I do. If it holds up, I will be put to shame. Their sauce has just the right mix of sweetness, and their white sauce is like none I have ever had.

Moe's SmokerSome of the secret to Moe’s fantastic tasting wings, ribs, turkey and brisket is their professional quality stainless steel smoker.  This baby pumps out the items that fill Moe’s menu. As you can see, they have a good selection of items and the pricess are reasonable. Another bonus is they cater, talk about a great way to have a party without having to do the work and getting food your friends and/or family will rave about.Moe's BBQ Menu 2012

So Huntsville Explorer suggests you get off your butts and check this one out, Moe’s in Providence. Simply amazing.

One comment to Kabam! Moe’s BBQ is Awesome!

  • Chandler Hall  says:

    Just tried Moe’s BBQ two weekends ago…have eaten there three times. Seriously best Turkey. Ribs and pulled pork are top notch. Haven’t tried the Brisket, but planning on it next chance (it’s a Thursday-only thing).

    The SIDES are the sleeper. We’ve tried things I would never had before and are loving every one we’ve had: squash casserole, peas and collard greens, sweet potato caserole, cornbread dressing…oh, and of course potato salad and baked beans.

    Definitely recommended!

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