Barber Motorsports Vintage Festival Part 2


The Barber Motorsports Vintage Festival is this weekend. It officially starts Friday morning and goes through Sunday afternoon. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the Festival is more than just old motorcycles going around a track (although this is great in itself).

The Festival includes many other events as well. NCR Docstock will be going on during the festival which is a center point of all thing Ducati. They will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Ducati TT2/TT1 and F1, and will be holding a world premier unveiling. They will also have a veritable museum of historic Ducs for viewing.

As well as on track racing there will also be motocross and time trials, the swap meet, “Wall of Death” stunt show, Aeroshell Aerobatic Air Show, And a great collection of historic Fire equipment and trucks.

With the weather predicted there really is no reason to not show up for at least a day and enjoy the Festival.

The festival is held at Barber Motorsports in Leads, Alabama, just East of Birmingham on Interstate 20.

7 Oct 2011

(0720) It’s a beautiful morning here at Barber Motorsports in Leeds, Alabama. Not a cloud in the sky. The morning started with a cool 52 degrees and the projected high is to be in the low 80’s, perfect! I can think of no place I would rather be on such a day. We were greeted by the friendly Barber Motorsports staff at the front gate and credentialing building. Always nice to see a smiling face and made to feel welcome. Chris is here as well, and we will try to keep you updated throughout the day and weekend. (duomat)

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Into the Turn

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Greg Geonis (36) and Larry Poons (21x) in Turn 3

(1140) Just had my first taste of seeing the “3-wheeled drift” live. For those of you that have never seen side-car racing, this is phenomenal. I’ll try to get some full speed snaps later but the ones in the gallery below were from them coming back into the pits. (duomat)

Below in an excert from describing sidecar racing:

” Sidecar Racing is a dangerous sport, these 3-wheeled bikes can hit speeds of 260kph and have a tendency to flip over if not handled carefully. However they are also the most amazing sight on the racing circuit and the only form of motorsport where both the passenger & driver both steer the vehicle.

Sidecar Gallery (new images added)


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(1900) This will pretty much close out Day 1 of the 7th Annual Vintage Festival. Tomorrow I will be checking out the Motocross racing, Trials, Ducfest, and the Swap Meet.

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