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Saturday, 8Oct11

Motorcycle Trials. If you’ve never seen it you should. f you’ve only seen it on TV, go see it live. This is definitely not your normal motorcycle event.

Looking for something different, I thought Trials would be a nice little change to the norm of hard track racing. I was in for a treat. For those of you not familiar with Trials, is  a non-speed event, done on fairly specialized motorcycles, ridden almost entirely standing up. Trials are split into different sections, each section having routes for varying difficulties and skills. Each section is basically a motorcycle obstacle course, and as your ride, you are scored by an observer. The score is 0-5 with 0 being the best. Each time you touch your foot (or any other part of your body) to the course, a point is added. Sounds simple!

I can tell you from watching the Trials at Barber this morning that they are anything but simple. AHRMA takes the time to make a challenging course for all levels of riders, 4-1. If you have ever looked for a competitive way to use a motorcycle that did not require extreme speed. This may be the event for you.


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