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Jefferson’s is a new family sports pub/restaurant in Madison, located at 7193 Hwy 72. They are open 7 days a week.

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and the food is what you would expect from a Sports Restaurant. The quality of service and food is well above average, especially for the value represented.

I encourage you to give them a try.

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Shane’s Rib Shack


shanesRibShackLogoShane’s Rib Shack is located at 4800 Whitesburg Dr, next to the Bonefisf Grill. It is in the vein of the not quite fast food establishments where you order at a counter, then they bring the food to you.

I had the Sampler Platter, which included 4 ribs, pulled pork, 2 tenders, fried okra and baked beans. The entire meal was very filling, although across the board bland. The pork and ribs lacked any smoke flavor, and the chicken tenders, well they are chicken tenders, hard to mess up.

They offered four sauces, Original, Mustard, Spicy, and Hot. The Original is a vinegar-based sauce, with a sweet back taste, over all very tastey. The Spicy and Hot taste similar with addition of additional black pepper to the Spicy, and possibly chili pepper to the Hot.

Overall I found the food to be very midd...

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Applebee’s, Madison

Upon pulling into Applebee’s in Madison, we were greeted by a pleasant surprise. Right up front near the door are two parking spaces reserved for Veterans. This little touch started our evening out right, and it only got better as it went along. We showed up on their NFL Kickoff night, and the party was in high tempo. We took a seat, and our waitress, Katherine, greeted us, and took our orders. All orders were served promptly with a smile, and the food was excellent.

Although this was a short visit, we will definitely be back.

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Kabam! Moe’s BBQ is Awesome!

Moe's BBQ Providence Village Huntsville, AL

Moe's BBQ Providence Village Huntsville, ALMoe’s BBQ is located in the constantly growing area of Providence Village in North East Huntsville, AL. Providence Village is offering more to do and getting more exciting with a wider variety of restaurants, some offering more live entertainment events. I have to say, this is with the caveat that I smoke meat quite often, that this is the best BBQ I have had. The Turkey had better that an inch of smoke ring, and was tender and juicy. The ribs have at least a quarter inch ring and are the best I can say I have ever had, and I have had a lot of BBQ. Seeing is believing and here is a small sample of the meats they offer. Moe's food sample from menu While seeing it won’t be the same as trying it, I can assure you their pulled pork is unrivaled in this town...

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WiFi in Huntsville Area (updated)

  • WiFi has become a staple of life for most of us in the Rocket City, and an absolute necessity for many of us. For example, we could not do what we do here at HSVexplorer without generous use of free WiFi available at many locations, or our portable hotspots. We have found that some places are much better at this than others. In fact, many although offering free WiFi are so frustrating or slow as to not be worth trying.

This article will be an ongoing work where we list ease of use, ping times, download and upload speeds, and general comments for the places we visit and use WiFi. We are using for all ratings, and working with the Arab server for all tests.

Hooters of Huntsville, 4730 University Drive NW, Huntsville, AL 35816

  • Ping: 81ms
  • Download: 2.85Mb/s
  • Upload: 310Kb/s
  • Imp...
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Rocket Harley Bike Night 12 April 2012

Thursday night at Knuckleheads in Madison, Alabama saw another great bike night sponsored by Rocket Harley of Madison. The band, Seducing Alice, was rocking those attending.

The bike nights at Knuckleheads are always a good time. It is difficult to write anything that hasn’t already been said. The bands are great, the food is great, and Rocket Harley makes sure there is fun. The servers at Knuckleheads are fantastic.

The one area we haven’t reported enough on has been the unsung heroes of Knuckleheads, the cooks and prep folks working in the kitchen. They bust their humps and take pride in ensuring your food is to your liking. Thanks to them, I am not going to waste away anytime soon.

Sam from Rocket Harley came out and introduced the band, made announcements and then visited tables and...

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Rocket Harley Davidson Bike Night Kick Off


BIG NEWS!. The news is that Knuckleheads in Madison is not alone having the Knucklehead’s bike nights on Thursdays.harley-bike-nite-004 Rocket Harley Davidson located on Hwy 565 towards I-65 will be having Bike Nights at Knuckleheads Sports Pub and Restraunt on Hwy 72 in Madison, AL, every Thursday night! I got to talk with the folks from Rocket H-D and what an easy going, fun group they are! bike-nite-015Makes you want to buy a bike from them just so you can be part of their family. They brought a beautiful Screaming Eagle motorcycle that the girls were more than anxious to pose with. It was a tight race for what was getting more looks...

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Knuckleheads Bike Night 29 March 2012

JD and the Bad Boys

The first Bike night of 2012 for Knuckleheads Sports Bar and Restaurant in Madison, AL was well attended and the JD and the Bad Boys band was rocking the crowd out on the patio. Knuckleheads has been bringing in some of the best bands in the area for their Bike Nights and other evening events they arrange. You just never know what the next great band to entertain the crowd is going to be but I’ve never been disappointed by the quality of musical talent they’ve selected.  I’m looking forward to seeing if the next Bike Night Band can deliver as good a performance as JD and the Bad Boys did. The weather was perfect for sitting out, having a drink with your friends, making new friends and listening to one great rock band.

A bunch of cool motorcycles occupied the parkin...

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Atlanta Bread Company


I had the chance to stop by the Atlanta Bread Company today. It’s been while since I have been there, so I was really looking forward to it. As usual for lunch, the place was quite busy, but lines moved quickly. To their benefit, they have changed the layout of the restaurant and now instead of waiting in line to pick up your food after you order, they bring it to your table, and clean it up afterwards.

I ordered the Turkey Club Panini with a drink, which came in at $9.70. The Panini came to me hot, and was wonderful, full of flavor with just the right bite. Service was quick, and friendly, but not exactly personal, but that is the norm for not quite fast food establishments such as this.

They have wifi, and are friendly for business users.

I will definitely be back again.

You can find Atl...

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Starbucks Madison, AL

Many don’t think of Starbucks as a restaurant but they do have breakfast sandwiches and an assortment of snacks like muffins, cookies and cake slices. Of course everyone knows about their fantastic coffee. You should not forget they have teas, juices, coffee mugs, and gift cards too.

The Starbucks  which is the topic of this posting is located at the corner of Hughes Road and Hwy 72 in Madison (7779 Highway 72 West). The location is tricky to get to if you are travelling west on Hwy 72. You have to turn south onto Hughes Road then take an almost immediate left turn and enter at the sign for the auto supplies shop located next door. You can turn right into their parking lot or use their drive thru by turning right off Hwy 72 when travelling east.

The staff at the Madison Starbucks are alw...

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