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Monte Sano Hiking

Monte Sano is a State Park located just east of downtown Huntsville just off Hwy 431. The

Monte Sano Trail Entrance

January 14-15 weekend was perfect for hiking and a number of people were out enjoying the trails.

A friend and I drove to Monte Sano so we’d arrive by 9:00 am. The weather was chilly, 30 deg F, but the sky was clear and when the wind wasn’t blowing it was really comfortable. If you are going to go hiking the first rule would be to dress for the weather. Nothing more miserable than being outside and being too hot, too cold or too wet.

The trails are marked and maintained well.  we decided to take a 3.5 mile loop trail which

Monte Sano Shelter/rest area

Monte Sano Trail Shelter/Rest Area

takes you all along the outer edge of the mountain...

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2012 “GREEN means GO” Aerobic Hikes

Designed for hikers who are in good physical shape and want to enjoy natural Land Trust trails for exercise. “GREEN means GO” hikers will move at a FAST pace. No small children, please. Avid hiker and Land Trust staff member Kim Arnold leads these hikes that are true aerobic exercise. All dogs must be on leads. Guided hikes are offered as a FREE community service.

Hiking Tips: wear sturdy shoes and layered clothing; bring water, trail snacks, and camera.

Facebook: Land Trust North Alabama

~ Saturday, January 7 at 9am
Rainbow Mountain in Madison (moderate to difficult)

Directions: Hwy. 72 (University Drive) to Hughes Road in Madison. From intersection of Thomas Dr. and Hughes Rd...

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Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain trail is located in Madison Alabama just east of Hughes Road. There are actually a number of trails on Rainbow Mountain. There is the Rainbow Mountain Trail, Jamooko Trail, Spring Trail and the Wild Trail. The trails are easy to follow due to the well placed trail markers.  You are not permitted to camp on the property, have open fires, rappel or dig which is reasonable because if everyone did this the area would soon be ruined. Also, the trail is closed at night. Bicycles and hiking are permitted activities, though riding a mountain bike on much of the trail would be very challenging I’d think.

There is no charge for the use of the trail. The trail is part of the Madison Greenway & Trails Inc. For more information they have a website

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