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WiFi in Huntsville Area (updated)

  • WiFi has become a staple of life for most of us in the Rocket City, and an absolute necessity for many of us. For example, we could not do what we do here at HSVexplorer without generous use of free WiFi available at many locations, or our portable hotspots. We have found that some places are much better at this than others. In fact, many although offering free WiFi are so frustrating or slow as to not be worth trying.

This article will be an ongoing work where we list ease of use, ping times, download and upload speeds, and general comments for the places we visit and use WiFi. We are using for all ratings, and working with the Arab server for all tests.

Hooters of Huntsville, 4730 University Drive NW, Huntsville, AL 35816

  • Ping: 81ms
  • Download: 2.85Mb/s
  • Upload: 310Kb/s
  • Imp...
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HSVexplorer for Your Mobile Device

HSVexplorer is now available for your mobile device. You can either go to the Android Market and search for HSVexplorer, or download Google Currents to your Android or Apple mobile phone or tablet, and add HSVexplorer from the Lifestyles section.

Those of you wishing to add HSVexplorer to their Google Currents, can follow this link for now. It should be fully available in the Currents library in the next few days.

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