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For those of you that ride bikes, Knuckleheads throws the best bike night in the area. They have always been biker friendly, and cater to those of us that prefer two wheels. That could easily come to an end because we are in the winter weather, and a lot of us forget during the cold who has our backs, and always supports us.

I would suggest, bring your group, club, or just friends to Knuckleheads. They always have us, and always take care of us.

Just saying.

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Occupy Freedom Park Washington, DC

Around the United States there have been protests by “Occupy” Groups. They have Occupied Wall Street in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, MacPherson Square and Freedom Park in Washington DC among other locations.

Freedom Park Washington DC

Huntsville, AL hasn’t experienced this and thought we should inform the Huntsville area as to what the group is about according to their webpage
The following is directly from their webpage FAQ section:

What is this action?

This is a gathering of people who support peace and social, economic and environmental justice. Our intention is to stay in Washington, D.C. as a unified presence...

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Free Tibet Protesters outside the White House

Free Tibet

Free Tibet Protest Group

The Free Tibet Protest outside the White House Monday 13 Feb 2012 was planned to coincide with Vice President of China Xi Jingping’s five day trip to the United States. Approximately 250 protesters chanted and waved flags outside the White House.

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Chance to help with local musician’s project.

A local pop/rock artist, Ally Burnett, has had some recent success having her music played on The Hills, The Seven, Jersey Shore, and Friendzone so you have probably heard her music and are not even aware of it. She has an amazing voice and god given lyrical talent that people are starting to notice and enjoy more and more with each performance. You see her videos and listen to some of her songs at

She is currently giving fans a limited time opportunity to be involved with her latest musical endeavor. There are already a number of fans getting involved and if you hurry you can too. You have until 18 January 2012 to get on the band wagon and be a part of a sure to be successful venture. Go to  http://www.kickstarter...

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New Years Eve 2012

Huntsville Explorer has written about Knuckleheads Sports Pub in Madison before but the New Years Eve party is worthy of another article. The 2011 year has been a tough one for many around the country and the Huntsville area hasn’t been spared from the economic challenges. It would be easy for people to sit around and be depressed but not at Knuckleheads. The staff is always upbeat, happy and friendly and the owner takes the business of making the customer feel like they’re special seriously.

The New Years celebration started off with watching the Virginia vs Auburn game with Auburn outplaying and ultimately destroying Virginia. No surprise there, other states just can’t compete against Alabama football teams...

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HSVexplorer for Your Mobile Device

HSVexplorer is now available for your mobile device. You can either go to the Android Market and search for HSVexplorer, or download Google Currents to your Android or Apple mobile phone or tablet, and add HSVexplorer from the Lifestyles section.

Those of you wishing to add HSVexplorer to their Google Currents, can follow this link for now. It should be fully available in the Currents library in the next few days.

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We Are Back!

After a brief hiatus, we are back!

Huntsville Explorer took a short break to evaluate our direction and how we wanted to present our information. We hope you like the changes.

We have decided, based on reviews of participation, etc, to move to a pure news format. We will be posting about events we attend, and upcoming events. We hope you enjoy the new format.

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