About Us

All journeys must begin somewhere, and for Faith’s Journey, a 7 member contemporary Christian rock band, it began April 14, 2007. Originally formed as a praise and worship band, the group came together to lead a small, yet faithful, congregation in the beautiful town of Bella Vista Arkansas. The original purpose was to provide an opportunity for families to worship together with contemporary Christian music. God however had something else in mind, when He brought this strange group of individuals together.

In 2008, God provided the opportunity for Faith’s Journey to venture out of the comfort of the church walls and into the unknown. The band did not understand why things were changing, but felt that they were called together for a purpose. Trusting that God had a plan for them, they continued to work diligently practicing and writing original material.

From 2008-2010, Faith’s Journey experienced many challenges, but took each bump in the road as an opportunity to grow together as a group. They continued to play out in the community, youth retreats, and events around the Northwest Arkansas area. During that time, the band also decided to bring in a new drummer, allowing the current drummer, Jerry Brewer, to play the sax and sing. The search for a new drummer was challenging, but proved the old adage true, “good things come to those who wait”. In 2011 the band welcomed Bill Dunlap, to the group.

While waiting for God to bring the missing member of the band to them, they decided to take the original songs they had written to the recording studio. Since the group did not have a drummer of their own, Jordan Maestri, from the band Bethesda, agreed to lay down the drum tracks, helping create the band’s first CD “The Journey Begins”. It “took a long time (mighty mighty long time)”, but the CD was finally released to the public on August 2, 2011.

The remainder of 2011 saw Faith’s Journey taking their live show out into the NorthWest Arkansas area. In 2012 they took their live show out on the road, spreading their footprint to include everywhere from Fort Smith to Kansas City. The retirement of bass player Bill Kaminski and hiring of Ron Mead as his replacement formed the most noteworthy bump in the road of 2012. The end of 2012 saw the retirement of Mead and Acoustic guitarist Duane Lahti. Now the Journey continues with Craig Keever taking over the duties of rhythm guitarist while noted NWA bassist Bruce Bennett thumps out the bottom end.

Today, Faith’s Journey can be seen and heard at various venues and events. They are proud to serve the Lord with their talents and rejoice every time the Lord uses them to bring hope and healing though music. Every bump and bruise experienced is worth it, every time someone is brought closer to the Lord, the lost saved and the hurting comforted. Faith’s Journey believes that God has brought them together for such a time as this. To God be the Glory! It is for Him and Him alone, that the band plays. Without God’s provision and guidance none of this would be possible.